Blå Jungfrusalen








Our new meeting space with lounge and meeting room. All modern technology for efficient meetings are there but mostly hidden and invisible. The meeting room has an large covered balcony with direct access from the meeting room facing the sea with an astonishing view over the archipelago and the Baltic sea.  In ej lounge we provide refreshments, coffee an tea. always accompanied with something from our bakery or fresh made sandwiches.















Lunch and dinner is served across the street at our old Inn Påskallavikssg Gästgifveri. The small and private with no external disturbances can sometimes be the most effective environment for a successful gathering,


Images from our facility including the garden and its surroundings. Plenty of space and many meeting points both inside the house and outside in the garden. You can "own the place" if you book 6 hotel rooms and dinner for your participants. No other guests on our premises or in the restaurant during our off season period.

For meeetings and mini conferences

Especially designed for small work groups, management meetings, boards and project groups.

Welcome to one of the most beautiful venues along the Baltic coast.

Lyckans Guesthouse, Kustvägen 31, 570 90 Påskallavik   Tel (0046) (0)491 97000